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We also have specific events for each season of the year with tailored and hand-picked events.

As we approach the winter months, we're embracing everything that the festive season has to offer, with Christmas movie screenings, craft workshops, Christmas carols and lots more. Explore our upcoming schedule of events and make sure to register your interest and book your ticket.

Throughout the year, we host a wide range of seasonal, family and dog-friendly events at Kilminorth.

The vast majority of our events are open to the general public, as well as our holiday cottage guests. From fabulous feasts in the wild meadow, to magical music nights under the stars, we love to collaborate with talented local producers and artisans wherever possible.

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We have a whole host of events for you to choose from based on your interests. Browse the categories to discover your next day or night out at Kilminorth.

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If you're thinking of organising your own event, please check out our corporate page, for team-building, retreats and more!

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